Welcome to the erotic evolution.

We live in a world of great suffering, and much of that suffering arises because we are divorced from the erotic in our everyday life. We’ve relegated eros to the pseudo-sexual—a land filled with hungry ghosts seeking external validation and empty-calorie artificial flavorings that serve as a sexual “hit” in the moment but cannot provide lasting nourishment. Therefore, the taste, smell and joy of living no longer have a chance to fuel and empower us in the playground of our most intimate relationships.

The truth is that sexuality is a model and gateway to the erotic, but it is not a substitute for the erotic. In this case we are defining eros, the Greek root word of erotic, as “passionate and unconditional love connected to our fundamental creative impulse.” It is the animating force that births every moment. It is an aspect of the feminine that is often chased in addiction, but can never be caught or contained because she already lives in all of us.

Our world typically presents sexuality as a commodity—something to be bought, bartered or stolen in order to get something else. If we deny ourselves sex, maybe we will get enlightenment brownie points. Or perhaps we scramble online looking for a hit of pornography because we don’t know to interact with real people. Or maybe we as women will offer sex as a means to snatch a husband. And those who don’t fit within the constraints of “acceptable sexuality” (usually gays, lesbians, trans*, non-binary, intersex and asexuals) are often cast aside, fetishized or simply ignored. We have forgotten the power of sexual pleasure simply for its own sake.

The mission of Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine's Journey is to showcase a form of sexuality infused with eros. The book seeks to rehumanize our world and teach us how to see people as people, not as collateral or liabilities. Our current system of patriarchy, while perhaps serving a purpose thousands of years ago, is no longer uplifting and protecting humanity. In fact, the division between all genders (and the masculine, feminine and gender-neutral energies that guide this planet) leads them to wage war with each other out of fear of annihilation.

If we are to survive and evolve as a species, we must abolish the antiquated system of shadow patriarchy and once again bring the feminine into the forefront of our lives—not because she is superior, but because she has been relegated to the shadows for far to long. When the feminine is in harmony in all of us, regardless of gender, we find our own internal balance and no longer need to outsource our feminine needs to other people in our lives such as wives, girlfriends, mistresses and mothers. This opens the door to personal responsibility, emotional maturation and cultural evolution.