A new book by Candice Holdorf whose mission is to shift our perspective on sexuality from sex as commerce to sex as an expression of our deepest truth. Reclaiming Eros: A Heroine's Journey is a collection of scholarly essays, 6 fictional short stories & 9 poems that captures the erotic awakening of 6 feminine archetypes: Virgin, Whore, Warrior, Queen, Nun & Grandmother.

Coming Fall/Winter 2017.

The Whore

Living an erotic life is a courageous act. Presence, surrender, sitting in the unknown—these are not things we are taught to value. These are not what helps us to survive in an action-based, goal-oriented society. To cast off the cloak of security for the naked rawness of vulnerability is an act of rebellion. A cultural taboo. The bravery we must call upon to access and embody our own eroticism is no small feat, but the rewards are more powerful than we can possibly imagine. ~ Candice Holdorf